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Decide How Much Automation You Want – Is Ease of Use or Superior Flavor More Important?

With the amount of money folks spend at coffee shops every day, it's no wonder that the popularity of home espresso machines and coffee makers are on the rise. From the comfort of your home, you can even make lattes and espressos your local baristas would be proud of.

But the premium coffee machines promise even more. Hot, perfect cups of freshly ground coffee. And these premium brands, mostly costing more than $1000, claim to do all this for you automatically.

There doesn’t appear to be a problem. Besides, whatever the amount, it seems a small price to pay for convenience.


The Other Side – The Flavors Traditionalists

Not everyone sees the proliferation of machines and automation in the golden old practice of coffee-making as a triumph for convenience. Machines and automation have become an unfortunate trend for what is otherwise a relatively easy, five minutes crafty experience that will not only taste better but is, perhaps, more environmentally friendly.


Flavor and Automation – Are They Really Mutually Dependent?

Perhaps, you are coming at it from a problematic standpoint. The question is: why does it have to be a flavor vs automation argument? Why does it have to be one or the other?

Obviously, for those who still love to make their coffee like the good old days, they certainly can still take the artisan approach to brew their coffee beans. If they take the hands-on route to coffee making, what they may suffer in slower caffeine delivery, convenience, more cleanup, less coffee variety, they may gain in reveling in the artisan experience and cost.

The notion that less automation and more traditional coffee brewing methods produce better-tasting coffee is highly debatable. Perhaps, such people have not been paying so much attention to the quality of coffee these premium espresso machines make.


Why a Super Automatic Espresso Still Make Sense

Manual or lesser Espresso machines are great in the coffee shops because they are handled by experts. At home, there is a bit of a learning curve to overcome before you can get the perfect espressos and lattes flavor right.

But the super automated espresso machines are designed to do most of the work for you. You pour coffee beans into the hopper and refill them with water every few days. With the push of a button, the Magnifica and Incanto grind the beans, compress them into a ball of fine grounds, heat the water to your minute detail, and force that hot water through the compressed grounds.

In less than a minute, you earn yourself a perfect dark shot of espresso, freshly made.

No alternative can match the ease of use and speed of espresso delivery that an espresso machine can manage. And they make espressos that taste just as rich, if not richer and fresher, than your local baristas could. Homemade espresso doesn’t get better than this.


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