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Can A Coffee Grinder Change Your Brewing Experience?

Grinding coffee beans at home is a pleasurable way to begin your mornings and get more involved with the espresso brewing experience. It allows you to assume total control of your brew. What more can you ask for?

According to a recent study by Reuters, a staggering 64% of Americans begin their day with a cup of coffee. And they do this every day! Fun fact! Do you know that of those millions of individuals, many do not know the secret to a perfect cup of coffee?

Let’s just spill the beans quickly: the secret is freshly ground coffee. Tada!

Now, I believe you are eager to know how all that plays into purchasing a coffee grinder. Patience, patience. Everybody who likes coffee deserves to know more about the freshly ground coffee fact.


Freshly Ground Coffee is a Game-changer

You can experience coffee delight only when you make your cup of Joe from freshly ground beans. Why? Because if the beans are not freshly ground, it is stale.

Yes, we just dropped another fact, so note it down.

If you keep coffee for more than 15 minutes after being ground, you lose approximately 60%-70% of its flavor or aroma. Not to sound like some nerd, but it has to do with oxygen and moisture reacting with your freshly ground beans. Coffee’s flavor and aroma are volatile. And the more time you allow your coffee to sit, the more aroma/flavors that are going out the window. And that’s not all. The reaction of oxygen and moisture with the freshly ground beans breakdown and dilute the oil. All this is hardly what you want, trust me.


Make That Coffee Grinder Purchase.

If you don’t love coffee, you’re missing. If you don’t make freshly ground coffee beans, you’re also missing. And if you don’t have a coffee grinder, you’ll continue missing out on that perfect dark aromatic coffee.

Bottom line: you need a coffee grinder. That’s one more fact.


Can it Get Better?

Yes. How? By investing in an Espresso Machine rather than your regular coffee grinder. This is not an espresso vs coffee debate. This is about brewing freshly ground coffee beans better than your local barista makes it.

It is about browsing our collection of coffee grinders and not having to taste stale coffee ever again.


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