The Aver Mission 

Welders like yourself dominate both land and sky. And what do champs like you need when you’re out in the field doing what you do best? A great welding helmet that not only gives you optimum protection but also allows you to add a bit of personal flair to your gear. It is our mission to give you that, and a lot more!

Welding has become one of the most valuable skills in the growth and development of different infrastructures we see left and right today in major cities all over the world. Our gratitude for the contribution of welders has become a driving force for us since day one. This allows us to provide the best welding gear you’ll love for years to come.

With that in mind, we’re presenting you with our unmatched commitments to you when you choose to have Aver on your side during your time in the field.


Our Commitment to Safety 

By understanding what welders go through on a day-to-day basis, we’ve engineered a hood you can rely on to meet safety standards across the globe and at the same time protect you from harmful light emissions and flying debri and projectiles at all times.

The high-impact nylon welding hood provides maximum strength, giving you optimum protection as you work on any type of welding process from TIG to Mig, from stick to torch cutting and much more. This fully CE, ANSI/ISEA, and Z87.1 compliant welding helmet will give nothing but top-tier protection and visibility whenever and wherever.

Our Commitment to Functionality 

Aver’s True Color Auto Lens gives you a crystal clear vision rated at 1/1/1/1 optical clarity. Being the clearest rating any welding hood can possibly have, you can expect to see clearly while the helmet is in the down position.

Increase productivity and accuracy as the helmet automatically adjusts the shade from an inactive state to an active state once you strike an arc. This also allows you to eliminate unnecessary stop-and-start times and the need to readjust the helmet and set up positioning.

Tailor the adjustments further to suit your specific task, environment, and lighting condition with the delay and sensitivity controls included with every Aver welding hood. Whether it be TIG, MIG/MAG, MMA, and Plasma cutting, we’ve designed the helmet to adjust to a wide variety of conditions while protecting your eyes.

Our Commitment to Comfortability

Of course more than just safety and functionality, we’ve also designed the Aver helmet to become ultra comfortable so you can wear it for longer periods of time. From the soft sponge on the headband, the headgear adjuster, knob adjuster to the multi-loop headband. Each part of the hood is modeled to become ergonomic ensuring you get more than what you pay for.

The helmet is completely lightweight weighing approximately 20oz. This significantly reduces neck strain on you so you can be ready for a full day’s work. 

Our Commitment to Customer Satisfaction

With all these amazing benefits and functions, you must be thinking that we’re being biased with our opinion of the Aver welding hood. It’s normal and we understand! That is why we’re giving you the chance to try on this bad boy yourself and see if all the things we’re selling you are true.

Get a no-risk 90-day money-back guarantee with every purchase of the Aver helmet. Yes, that’s a full three months of use because a month or two isn’t long enough to tell if you really love a product or not. Really, you have nothing to lose but the chance to experience what you’ll be missing when you don’t give the Black Series Welding Helmet a try.

Choosing the right welding hood for your needs might at first seem daunting considering the wide variety of safety features, convenience and comfort options, and personalization available. We’ve mixed everything you need and want to design one sick helmet so you won’t have to spend valuable time looking at other options in the market.

So what do you say? Are you ready to put on the Black Series Welding Helmet and give it a try? The choice is yours!

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